Santiago Perez De Rosso


I am currently based in Seattle, WA developing a startup—watch this space for a link to the company website when one exists. Please send me an email if you are interested in financial technology or end-user programming and might want to join our team.

I obtained my PhD in Computer Science from the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) at MIT, where I was part of the Software Design Group. For my PhD thesis, I developed Déjà Vu, a new platform for web application development in which an application is constructed by configuring and composing concepts—full-stack units of behavior that are motivated by an end-user purpose. During my time at MIT, I also applied a new theory of design to explain well-known difficulties users have with the Git version control system and I developed Gitless, a redesign of Git.

While at MIT, I was a research intern at Microsoft's Tools for Software Engineering (TSE) team, where I developed a tool for diagnosing performance regressions from telemetry logs with a user-defined causal graph. Before MIT, I was a full-time engineer at Google where I developed test automation frameworks. During my undergraduate studies at ITBA, I contributed to a verification tool for Java code with JML specs.